Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call me a perfectionist

NO ONE IS PERFECT and i'm here to prove it wrong (:

Once upon a time*pauses*
every always has a dream (:
it could be any of sorts from family to money to romance to love to career .
Basically everyone would always set a dream for themselves.From a happy family to a bank load of cash to a romantic husband with loads of love to share and have a blossoming career. WOW i guess everyone would wish for it (: not the classic prince charming anymore

Learning is a process which may take forever to graduate (: school based learning isn't everything (: we learn new things everyday (: But hints :) Not everything comes in a pretty package with all the benefits :) As to no one is purrfect but sometimes its the way you make the imperfection perfect (: Its not impossible as you can create your ideal perfect which is where you put in the effort to try to make it perfect and not give up midst air.Perfection may take up a long time or maybe forever.So if your up for it-round your guts up and step up.If your not then,its probably not meant to be yours.

If your willing to put in that extra effort, I guess the sky's all yours?
I might have missed one train and regretted it
so i'm gonna make full you of the next one