Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jealousy causes much damage
causes imperfection in ones self
causes a person to have a low self esteem

you'll never see the damages

what the eye may not see
but what the heart feels

.a word that kills.
Even if you don't see the pain inflicted in her eyes when you tell her that

Before you tell a girl she's ugly or fat
Think about
Because of your one word
can do much damage and also kill her internally

what if your being fat?
as long as you feel comfortable

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Have you ever thought how fortunate you are
Being fortunate can mean plenty of things

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Picky Is a Me. Do Not Blame me for who i m .

What ever that doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Ever dreamt of owning something but it never came true.
Wishing for the stars or anything close to impossible

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call me a perfectionist

NO ONE IS PERFECT and i'm here to prove it wrong (:

Once upon a time*pauses*
every always has a dream (:
it could be any of sorts from family to money to romance to love to career .
Basically everyone would always set a dream for themselves.From a happy family to a bank load of cash to a romantic husband with loads of love to share and have a blossoming career. WOW i guess everyone would wish for it (: not the classic prince charming anymore

Learning is a process which may take forever to graduate (: school based learning isn't everything (: we learn new things everyday (: But hints :) Not everything comes in a pretty package with all the benefits :) As to no one is purrfect but sometimes its the way you make the imperfection perfect (: Its not impossible as you can create your ideal perfect which is where you put in the effort to try to make it perfect and not give up midst air.Perfection may take up a long time or maybe forever.So if your up for it-round your guts up and step up.If your not then,its probably not meant to be yours.

If your willing to put in that extra effort, I guess the sky's all yours?
I might have missed one train and regretted it
so i'm gonna make full you of the next one

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello Peeps and Readers ,

Cookie Monster

I'm Selling Cookie's for Chinese New Year
Its made with butter and van houten chocolate chips :)
Not the normal margarine and cheap chocolate chips.

I sell other cookies but the best seller ones are the chocolate chip cookies
I've just started out baking as a hobby so it might not be as good as famous amos or chipsmore

It taste delicious and you probably would want more :)
But i can't fully assure as everyone has their own exquisite taste

hardness and softness?

As some may find it more exciting to eat the harder and crunchier ones
CAUTION: its harder than the usual cookies as this adds to the crunch and the experties to chew on them. Not meant for elderly :)

Its 250Grams for RM 15

I sell in small amounts as its fully homemade
no preservatives added

Pictures will be up.
Feel free to order :)
Contact me via chat
I'd love to hear from you (:

Delivery Places - SS15 Subang Jaya
- Sunway Pyramid
- ( places to collect can be discussed further )
(sorry for the inconvenience:)
When you want something, Just reach out and grasp for it

Busy and Worn-out
This is what college does to u ! :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Pretty on the outside and Ugly on the inside

If you we're given the choice which would u pick

Life you'd meet all sorts of people.Some whom are really with extraordinary character and some lacking of it.Its normal if you meet harsh people and it is also normal to meet awesomely nice people who gets cheated by crooks.Would you rather have a pretty face and be mean? i think when we were given birth too-we choose to become what we wanna be..We made our own heaven and hell.By doing mean stuff you'd created your own hell by offending people,some clearly gets pissed off and some rather keep it inside.But one day when things get out of hand-hells all yours when they come after you.
So always remember try to create your own heaven and not hell.The heaven with loving and caring people who put others needs before themselves.The ones with joyness in giving and sharing.The love allaround

the reality TV series of "true beauty" is one of the examples
LOok carefully and don't assume its there
be sure or don't say a thing
In life , we should not assume or give a rough guess
Assuming something may cause harm in terms of physically or mentally
Sometimes you need people to help you
Not everything can be done alone
One by one and things get easy can it be

Not everyone has the right answer to everything
Sometimes all you got to do is
and now I REGRET my actions

When apologies aren't accepted
and saying the word i'm sorry might not help much
but saying it might aid the situation

180 bucks gone in a blink ! :( thats like hmmm 2 weeks of NOT HAVING food ?


It is scrumptious,delicious,magnificent.
But for females its SIN :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If i don't give you a chance
are you called underprivilege?

you are only given one shot in life
If you make mistakes and if you miss that shot its your hell (:
Ever saying you ain't good enough

More fishes out in the sea

I'm Feeling it

-Leaving is a form of escaping-

A simple story told

Monday, January 17, 2011

People say Facebook is dangerous?
It is if you post your whole life on it and add unknown people on your list.
Some just like the numbers of fan or friends they have.
Without knowing that whether he or she will be a threat to you
When things go bad,they blame facebook.
Think back-i think they should blame themselves for posting every crap they do :)

Facebook doesnt make lives endangered
its the people whom makes facebook a danger

Friday, January 14, 2011

when i'm gone,would you resent me of my actions

when you trust the heart the heart betrays you

when you speak of love,do you know what love means

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make up your mind
Trying to be angel in the front
secretly hoping something goes wrong

question me
or should i say

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Girls biggest fear

Buying the same outfit
getting the same outfit
wearing the same outfit

everyone wants to feel special and different :)

Everyone has a little of it somewhere
Even the most generous person would have a certain something that he/she is selfish about

It just depends on how super selfish are you.

One may show the most convincing face to the world
Deep inside you'll never know what one thinks

Thank you for everything :I
i read the note :)
i love you too :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

praise jason chen and jrice
their voice is awesome and all their songs are fuggging nice

Maybe you can't understand but when you said you love me
My life was changed and i wish you could see
I'm willing to be the one ,and the angel that you love

My love for you is piling up each day :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Every Girls little Dream :)
Being Married :)
Getting Married:)

btw,don't get mistaken,i'm not included !

Everyone wants to catch the bouquet of flower
So now there are more ;)
A hand to hold
in sickness and in health
in good and bad
and in sorrow and joy
The momentary pause in life
Which will last you the rest of your life

" Alone"
" Monophobic "

We Came to Earth alone with nothing,
We Leave the Earth alone with nothing.

Its true as when you we're a newborn baby-you we're naked to the world
and when you leave you can't bring all your wealth and family along
(unless you believe in afterlife)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Just a Learning Child




Attitude-A-B = C
makes everyone a better person

and i m learning
" Looking Up " and " Looking Down "
Just the above average

Some chooses to look up to others (its good)
Some chooses to look down on others

Look up to those prettier and superior
Look down to those you FEEL is uglier and beneath the average that you accept

a little harsh in life don't you think so?
One day the ones you look down to
are those who becomes your bosses
is the one that helps you though sorrows and pain in life


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i only see that
i doubt
i can fulfil it

im sorry


To excuse

If i've never provided enough for you
It ain't easy

I feel that im not good enough to be in this position.
Staring at you.
I felt confused.
I don't wanna feel that
I don't want you to sad
i don't want you to change for me
I don't want you vulnerable
I don't wanna break highhopes

Someone told me
that if you see a future with him,by all means go ahead
if you don't , don't lead him on
and truthfully that is still floating in my head

But Its also impossible for me to be the kinda girl that opens up to everything i have
be the kind you wanted to have

M i the one your looking for?
I feel pain guilt
Don't feel like it

Monday, January 3, 2011

Look beyond that line.
Cause if you stay in your comfort zone
you'd never know whats beyond it


Vulnerable isn't the right word to be right now
cause i don't want a vulnerable man.
the big word for today :)
have confidence and faith

why worry when the one i'm holding is you?

*melts away*

Saturday, January 1, 2011

apologising for a mistake

stop apologising for no reasons :|
there isnt a point of apologising when there was no mistake done (:
i love you u know
a word one can never understand :(

I know you want me to share but like what i can say
if i dont understand how would i tell you?

and if i can draw

I'd draw this for you